Fork History

For many years, Bob Stane would mention to his Friend Ken Marshall that there should be a fork at the fork in the road.

For Bob’s 75th birthday Ken built a 18 foot high, 500lb fork in his backyard.
While building the foundation onsite, Ken and crew dressed as Cal Trans workers  to avoid any potential incarceration by Pasadena’s finest.  Police would drive by and politely wave. The land is owned by Cal Trans and managed by the City of Pasadena.

Halloween morning of 2009 just past Bob Stane’s birthday, The Fork was raised and Bob was presented his birthday (prank) present.  Job done and time to run!

That evening Ken and fellow prankster Phil Coombes were celebrating the event in Phil’s kitchen over a nice bottle of 2 buck Chuck.  Ken was shaking in his flip flops in fear of getting caught and having the fork remove and destroyed.  Phil, the king of back peddling came up with an idea to put a different twist to the tines.  “It’s close to Thanksgiving” Phil said.  Let’s do something good with it and hopefully the Community will fall in love with it and it will stay.  Phil took a fork from the table, slammed it on the cutting board and exclaimed let’s “Put The Fork In Hunger” and the charity was born.

The fork was taken down in 2010 but went back up October 21,2011 permanently and 200 Bellefontaine is now known as Fork Plaza.

Shortly after that Phil Coombes and his charity ‘Put The Fork In Hunger” collected over 5 tons of food for Union Station Homeless Services and with the help of Ken Marshall collected thousand of toys for the needy the following month.  The charity which took off with a very grass roots feel is on the verge of going National with a focus on being an advocate for hometown charities that assist families and individuals in getting back on their feet during challenging times in their lives.
Bob Stane and Ken Marshall are owners of the Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena ( that showcase past, present and future world class musical and comedic acts.
Phil Coombes is a Real Estate Broker in Pasadena and long time philanthropist. / 626.644.3227

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Stay tuned! Major food drive coming the weekend of November 10th and 11th, we aim to break the 5 ton record we set in food collection last year!